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Smart AV

Wired for Sound and Vision

Media Streaming

So many products now are wifi enabled. This has transformed how we enjoy our entertainment as well as making systems, less expensive, less complex, more flexible and easier to integrate into a modern Smart Home. You can have music in every room with little effort and without demolishing your home in the process. There's no need to hide signal cables by cutting channels in your walls. Though you'll still usually need a mains power source.
You can stream music from your smartphone to your Smart TV or to any location in your home, watch a Netflix movie on one TV and the footie on another. The combinations are endless.

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Wired Vs wireless

Wireless is great but for the ultimate in quality, it is still difficult to beat a cabled system even if a few holes need to be cut in the walls to hide them.
There's no doubt that for quality, consistency and guaranteed conectivity a wired system is the best option. It's also more secure and less prone to outside “hacking”
Sure, a wired system is more complex and costly to install but if you want quality over convenience, then going wired is a sensible option. What's more we guarantee that any renovation to the home, such as where we have had to run cables through walls or under the floor, will be put back as good as new.

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