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Smart Care

Looking after your loved ones

Smart Care

A seamless monitoring system, allowing independence for older people and peace of mind for their loved ones.

Ageing In PLace SOlutions

Give your loved one the confidence to live independently and give yourself peace of mind with our ageing-in-place monitoring system.

Daily Activity Tracking

Keep an eye on your loved one's daily routine, with features such as:

  • Monitoring when the bedroom door opens
  • Monitoring when the toilet door opens
  • Tracking when the fridge is opened
  • Checking when the kettle is boiled

Environment Monitoring

Help to prevent any environment related illnesses by keeping track of:

  • The temperature of the main living areas
  • The humidity within the home
  • Pollutant (Carbon Monoxide) levels

Real Time Notifications

Receive instant notifications when any cause for concern is detected or get reassurance through regular alerts. For example, receive a notification when:

  • The bedroom door hasn't opened in the morning
  • The fridge hasn't been opened in 24 hours
  • The toilet door hasn't opened today

Customised Home Monitoring

Our sensors seamlessly blend into the home, and with no cameras, your loved one won't feel intruded on.
We can customise the system to suit your needs, incorporating motion sensors, door sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors.
These sensors continuously monitor the home and occupier, so family members and caregivers can remotely make sure that their loved ones are safe.
On top of this, alerts can be set up so that you can receive a notification if a certain activity hasn't occurred within a time period, indicating a cause for concern.

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COnvenient & Simple

Our sensors blend into the home, so your loved one can carry on with everyday life without even knowing they're there. They don't need to learn new technology, carry a device or change their habits.

Access anywhere

Keep track of your loved ones, no matter where you are. Remotely monitor and receive alerts, anytime, anywhere.

Flexible & Modular

Our system is modular, so you can decide exactly what you want to monitor or receive alerts about. Only keep track of what is important, and you can even modify this as time goes on.

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