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About Us

"Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”
Pablo Picasso

About Us

Cardiff Lighting specialise in the supply, design, installation, configuration and full support of Smart Home systems. We are at the forefront of modern technology and are the only Smart Home Zwave Installer in South Wales.
With over 25 Years of experience of working in both the electrical contracting and the entertainment industry, Cardiff Lighting is suitably placed to provide clients with solutions for their lighting and Smart Home Automation projects.
We listen to our customer's needs, tailoring entire packages around them. Our customers are always in full control.
Operating as an independent company we aren’t allied or associated with any one specific brand or technology. This means we’ll research and test numerous products from different manufacturers, and then recommend the most suitable for our client.
Our customer's needs are paramount. We aim to create and keep a close and professional relationship with all our clients. We’ll find out your exact needs and implement them with the highest level of customer service
So, if you’d like to hear more about the benefits of a Smart Home or just want a chat, drop us an email or visit our Contact Us page.
Paul McGuinness

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From Ideas to Reality

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A porch light at your front door,
A security flood in your back garden,
Architectural lighting around your home’s exterior,
Complex colour changing LED lighting controlled via your voice, smart phone or tablet,
Full Home Automation integration using the latest technologies,
Cardiff Lighting can do it all!

Peace of Mind Warranty

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●All of our work is fully guaranteed.
●Full Public Liability insurance in place.
●Our engineers are fully qualified City and Guilds qualified electricians.
All work is carried out to the current edition of the IEE Regulations “Requirements for Electrical Installations” and The Building Regulations.

Home Automation

Have you ever thought about home automation?
Using Z-Wave technology you can and at a price you can afford. Imagine opening your front door and a sequence of actions happen eg the hall, living room light and TV all switch on. You can remotely control your lighting, heating, security cameras and a host of other devices via your smart phone or tablet. If you’re on holiday and have forgot to set your alarm you can easily and with very little hassle.

You may think “Why would I need to do that, I can just switch the switch off” Yes that is true, but what did you do before you had a mobile phone?

You can program a schedule of events whilst your away from home all at the touch of a button. The beauty about Z-wave technology is it's expandability. You can start off small and slowly as your needs and finances dictate add to your mesh network.
Ultimately, you can use voice control as your interface. "Computer turn the living room light on at half"
Star Trek here we come! You can get the basic building blocks of your system from around the £300 mark.

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Wales' Only Specialist 

Cardiff Lighting are the only specialists in the Cardiff and surrounding area who provide a one-stop solution for your home or office automation. We offer consultation, design, purchase, installation with full setup and commissioning of your Z-Wave system.
So why not create the mood you want for each room in your house. You’ll not only be a friend of the environment but a buddy to your wallet in the process!
Use Z-Wave enabled devices lighting control to set the mood in any room in your home – and save energy while you’re at it! 
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