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Life's Hard

Make it Smart

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Smart Lighting

Go wireless and take control your home's lighting. Create scenes to reflect your mood or time of day.

Smart Heating

Save energy with a heating system that automatically responds to your lifestyle.

Smart Windows

Automate your curtains or blinds. Ideal if you’re not always at home.

Smart AV

Stream your media into different rooms or have your own Cinema with full HD and surround sound!

Smart Security

Monitor your house 24/7. Be notified if a window is opened or movement is detected at the front door.

Smart Care

Looking after your Loved Ones. Independence for older people and peace of mind for you.

About Us

We are an independent company, not affiliated with one specific brand. We're therefore able to recommend the most suitable products to match your needs and budget. All fully integrated into your Smart Home System

The Future's Smart

Are You Ready?


Cardiff Lighting specialise in the supply, design, installation, configuration and full support of Smart Home systems. We are at the forefront of modern technology and are the only Smart Home Zwave Installer in South Wales.
With over 25 Years of experience of working in both the electrical contracting and the entertainment industry, Cardiff Lighting is suitably placed to provide clients with solutions for their lighting and Smart Home Automation projects.
We listen to our customer's needs, tailoring entire packages around them. Our customers are always in full control.
Operating as an independent company we aren’t allied or associated with any one specific brand or technology. This means we’ll research and test numerous products from different manufacturers, and then recommend the most suitable for our client.
Our customer's needs are paramount. We aim to create and keep a close and professional relationship with all our clients. We’ll find out your exact needs and implement them with the highest level of customer service
So, if you’d like to hear more about the benefits of a Smart Home or just want a chat, drop us an email or visit our Contact Us page.
Paul McGuinness

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